Covid-19 Update 23.03.20

These are certainly curious and challenging times for everyone in the community and we know businesses will need all the support they can get to survive through the next few months.

At Savage & Savage we are being pro-active and have set up systems to allow us to operate with a similar level of service to you, our clients.

We have taken the decision to close our office effective from 5pm this Wednesday

The Government has just moved the warning level for Covid-19 to level three and expect to move it to level four within 48 hours.

This means total lockdown for all but essential businesses

You can still drop paperwork in to us using the mail slot in the wall beside the front door. Neil will check for mail every few days.

As the majority of our clients deal with most things by way of email and telephone we expect this inconvenience to have minimal impact for much of the work we do for you. We have set our senior staff up to work from home and they will have remote access to our secure servers and email so we can continue to work as normally as we can in these trying circumstances.

We do understand these are going to be difficult times as we are also a small business facing many of the same challenges as our clients.

We will help you and work with you to ensure everyone survives this challenge.

We expect the government to roll out more support for businesses and we will keep you updated on help available to businesses.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and assistance.

If you have any queries please contact us either on our normal phone line that will be diverted to Neil Hodgson’s mobile if we are forced by government restrictions to close our offices.

Contact details for our senior staff are:

Sari Hodgson       021-548-489

Anna Patchett   021-276-7393

Libby Gledhill      027-313-4382

Neil Hodgson     021-445-142

Most of all please be safe, take appropriate precautions, stay in touch with lonely and vulnerable people (at least by phone) and take care of yourselves.

Kind regards to you all