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IRD and Tax Refunds

IRD are now only paying refunds you may be due for into a bank account, they are no longer issuing cheques. This means it is vital we have your correct bank account number on record for the account you want refunds paid to. Please ensure you advise us of the preferred bank account number(s) when you deliver your […]

IRD and tax free allowances

IRD are currently looking at tax free allowances paid to employees and whether they are actually tax free. To be a tax free allowance it has to be a reimbursement of an employment related expense, this can be actual cost or a reasonable estimate (however if it includes a portion above the employment related cost […]

How to promote your business using the internet

The ANZ offer a range of FREE workshops that are open to every business, ANZ customer or not. The next workshop free business training workshop is designed to help you understand how you can best make use of the internet to grow your business Today more people find products and services online than through traditional […]

10 Tips for Dealing with Workplace Gossip

This article is sourced from Chapman ER Unlike this classic joke, gossip can be anything but funny when it happens in your workplace. It can undermine morale and cause loss of productivity. Regardless of the nature of the gossip, the following tips can help deal with the issue. The first few suggestions apply to leadership […]

Hopgood’s Restaurant

The following article about one of our clients, Hopgoods Restaurant was written by Neil Hodgson and published in the Nelson Mail at the end of April in his regular Taste of Nelson Column. We think it is a story worth sharing again. Hopgood’s Restaurant or as everyone calls it ‘Hopgood’s’ is a restaurant you can […]

IRD and Cash Jobs

You will most likely have seen the item on the news lately about IRD targeting cash jobs in some areas of Auckland and while IRD are concentrating on Auckland they will not be ignoring other parts of New Zealand and they certainly are looking at certain industries such as construction, hospitality and similar industries where […]


Congratulations to Rebecca Coram, one of our Senior Accountants, on attaining full membership to the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand.  Rebecca has worked very hard to achieve this goal and we are all very proud of her.  

ANZAC Day holiday pay

ANZAC Day this year is on Saturday 25th April and this is the first year ANZAC Day has fallen on a weekend since the observance of the day has been ‘Mondayised’. This can be a bit complicated so here is a quick and hopefully easy to understand summary. If you are usually open on a […]

Are you ready to GROW your business now for free?

Ready to take the next step in business? This programme is designed for owners and managers of businesses that want to ramp up their business. Are you Ready to grow your business now for FREE? This FREE part-time 24 week programme gives you time to work “on your business”. It’s designed for serious business owners […]

$168k for Privacy Breach

From Chapman Employment Relations latest newsletter: The Human Rights Tribunal’s decision that NZCU Bayside breached the privacy of their previous employee Karen Hammond was not a surprise. The level of compensation however was staggering. The awarding of $168k compensation, surpassed the previous highest award by an astonishing $128k. The company admitted to the breach, but […]