ANZAC Day holiday pay

ANZAC Day this year is on Saturday 25th April and this is the first year ANZAC Day has fallen on a weekend since the observance of the day has been ‘Mondayised’.

This can be a bit complicated so here is a quick and hopefully easy to understand summary.

  1. If you are usually open on a Saturday you can’t trade before 1pm on Saturday 25th.
  2. If your staff normally work on a Saturday you will pay them for a Public Holiday on Saturday 25th. That means you pay a stat day if they do not work and time & half plus a lieu day if they do work, just like a normal public holiday.
  3. If your staff members don’t usually work on a Saturday but do work Monday then their public holiday will be on Monday 27th. That means you pay a stat day if they have the day off on Monday and time & half plus lieu day if they do work.
  4. If your staff members normally work both Saturday 25th and Monday 27th and you close on Saturday then they get a public holiday (Stat day) on Saturday and ordinary pay on Monday.
  5. If you normally open for business on Saturday and have Saturday as the public holiday but decide to close on Monday as well then staff who got Stat pay on Saturday get ordinary pay on Monday and staff who don’t normally work on Saturday will have Monday as their Stat day.

If you are totally confused you can call Neil at our office or talk to your employment adviser to discuss your personal situation.



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