Barbican Training Centre

Barbican Training Centre is an organisation we love to recommend to our clients, they provide outstanding training for people new to business or those who want to improve their business management and IT skills.

The popular no fee, 36 week, ‘Certificate in Small Business Management’ is starting again in March 2017. The programme is designed to give you the tools and inspiration to kick-start your business idea or manage your existing business more effectively.

Another popular course is the part time ‘Get Money Smart’ programme. It’s one evening a week and free to all permanent NZ residents. The course covers personal finances and personal budgets, hot to keep out and get out of debt, different savings and investment options , understanding real estate, interest rates, mortgages, shares and more.

To register for an Information and Enrollment Session, contact Barbican  or for more information contact Pip Bruce, Barbican Training Centre Limited, 03 547 6138 or visit the Barbican website  for further information and other courses available.