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Seven Deadly Sins of Business

The following was originally published in the Sydney Morning Herald but we think it applies to every business no matter where it is located. Sins – every business owner is guilty of them now and again. But which deadly sins could bring your business down? If there was a small business bible, these would surely […]

Child Support reform changes are coming

IRD have announced that major changes are being made to the child support scheme, starting next year. These changes are the first major overhaul of the child support scheme in 20 years. They reflect that life has changed a lot for families during this time. Currently child support payments are based on the paying parent’s […]

What happens if you don’t pay IRD?

You are likely to have seen the recent news coverage about the arrest, at the airport, of Terry Seripisos when he arrived back in New Zealand after being overseas for a number of months. It appears his arrest was for unpaid Child Support payments he was supposed to pay several years ago. While most people […]

IRD Payments

From 1 October 2014 you’ll need to make sure Inland Revenue receives your payment on or before the due date to avoid penalties and interest. Posting it on the due date is no longer good enough; IRD must have your payment on or before the due date.

Employment Matters – Absences

Employment matters with thanks to Chapman Employment Relations An employee had applied for annual leave to go overseas, but I turned it down because I already have two staff off at that time. He has come back to me and said he is going anyway. I am really angry about his attitude and I really […]

New Zealand Tax Residency

To be treated as a New Zealand Tax Resident an individual needs to be in NZ for 183 days in a 12-month period or have a permanent place of abode. There has been some recent development around the issue of permanent place of abode to establish New Zealand Tax Residency. If you are leaving NZ […]

Medical Incapacity – Four Common Mistakes

Employment matters with thanks to Chapman Employment Relations Are you looking to possibility of exiting an employee who is not attending work often enough (or at all), due to injury or ill health? Read here to learn about four common mistakes that are made in the process of medical incapacity.  Not meeting with the employee […]

Workplace Health & Safety Reform 2014

Health & Safety in the workplace rules and regulations are changing. The Health & Safety at Work Act is currently open for submissions and the proposed changes are significant. WorkSafe NZ is the new regulator and this organization has already been established, the proposed new Act provides wide ranging powers to WorkSafe NZ and includes […]

Employment matters Q&A

Employment matters with thanks to Chapman Employment Relations Q. What can void 90 Day Trial Period? Answer: o    If the employee has previously worked for you (or a subsidiary). o    If the employee was not given a written employment agreement before commencing employment. Once they have started work they are considered an employee and so […]