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Communication with you

Coming in to see us

2017 Nelson Arts Festival

Annual Accounts information reminder

Feature Client: Heke Homemade Herbals

Prize Draw

IRD Payment Dates

Barbican Training Centre - Business Training Courses

Employment Matters with Chapman ER - Employee or Contractor?

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Communicating with you

As we said last month we live in a world where electronic communication is now the norm.

Most people are now very comfortable doing business by email and over the internet and as the cost of ordinary mail has increased and service delivery has decreased the vast majority of people now choose to communicate electronically.

We embraced electronic communications a number of years ago and continue to do more business over the internet rather than by paper through the post however we can still communicate with you via post if you prefer.

With the recent announcement that NZ Post will be ceasing their Fast Post service for regions other than Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch electronic communication has become vital rather for urgent communication.

So we have four ways of communicating with you in writing:

1. Email - our preferred option

2. Ordinary post - suitable for non-urgent communications and could take two weeks or more to be delivered

3. Courier Post - the replacement for Fast Post in regions is simply a courier service and cost will depend on size and weight of the parcel, destination and speed of delivery but for a standard letter the cost is expected to be more than $5

4. Personal pick up and drop off at our office - if you are in town you are always welcome to collect and deliver items.

We will be in contact with you individually to confirm the best email address to use when we send you confidential and sensitive information.


Coming in to see us

It is always nice to see clients drop in to our office, and you are always very welcome to do so however we do ask that if you want to see someone please phone beforehand to make sure the person you need to see is in the office and is available, if you just drop in on the off-chance the person will be available you may be disappointed.

If you have information to drop in you can just leave it at reception and Natasha will make sure it gets to the right person.





2017 Nelson Arts Festival

We are once again supporting this exceptional festival of the arts by sponsoring a show.

This year we have sponsored the Hudson and Hall Live! stage show, having met the actors and had a little taste of the show we can guarantee you will love it. Hudson and Hall were pioneers of the television cooking show format we are now so familiar with, but when they started there were no rules so they enjoyed the occasional drink during the show and the food from the 1970's and '80's was anything but healthy by today's standards.

They will have you rolling on the floor laughing, that is if you are lucky enough to get a seat at one of the three performances, tickets are selling very quickly so get yours today.

Go to for all the information you will need and to buy tickets.


Annual Accounts

It might seem like the 31st March 2018 is a long way away but if we take out about four weeks over the Christmas and New Year period when nobody wants to think about accounts and tax and then consider our current turnaround time for getting draft accounts back to you is around eight to ten weeks then time is starting to run out.

If you haven't brought your Annual Accounts for year ended 31st March 2017 in to us yet then please get everything sorted and to us as soon as possible so we can make sure everything is completed on time.

Having your accounts completed sooner rather than at the last minute will also help you plan for any tax you may need to pay, and of course if you are due for a refund then it is much better to have the money in your bank account than IRD's

Heke Homemade Herbals - Nelson Mail 04.07.17

This is a column written by Neil Hodgson, and first published in the Nelson Mail, about one of our clients Emma Heke and her business Heke Homemade Herbals. These herbal teas have become firm favourites in our office and we think you should try them too.  

I have known Emma Heke for many years, I have always been hugely impressed with the …

Read More


Prize Draw

The winner of the bottle of the outstanding 2013 Rimu Grove Pinot Noir from last month's prize draw was Sheila Bowles. Sheila the bottle is tucked away safely in Neil's office for you to collect

This month's Prize Draw is for Florence - The Cancer Society Teddy Bear

Don't forget, anyone can enter this monthly draw absolutely free. 

To enter this month Like us on Facebook  before the 20th September and we will put you in the draw.


IRD Payments Dates



August                        - due 28th September 2017

July / August               - due 28th September 2017


August                        - due 20th September 2017 


2nd installment, 2018   - due  15th January 2018 


Barbican Training Centre is an organisation we love to recommend to our clients, they provide outstanding training for people new to business or those who want to improve their business management and IT skills.

Their NEW training menu is ready to go so gte in touch with them quickly if you want to take advantage of these programmes that are still FREE and are open to permanent NZ residents aged 16+ at Nelson and Blenheim locations.

To get the whole menu with all the facts,

To register for an Information and Enrollment Session, contact Barbican  or for more information contact Pip Bruce, Barbican Training Centre Limited, 03 547 6138 for further information and other courses available.

Huge Fines for Categorising Employees Incorrectly as Contractors

The sole director and shareholder of Direct Auto Importers and Cheap Deals on Wheels, Vishaal Sharma, had claimed that his employees were contractors and had denied owing them their minimum entitlements. Following a Labour Inspectorate investigation however, the Labour Inspectorate disagreed. The failure to categorise his employees correctly resulted in fines of $65,000 to his two businesses. The ERA found …

Read More

While we include examples of employment related issues in this newsletter we always recommend you take professional advice on all employment matters.

Chapman Employment Relations

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   A Little Bit of  Humour



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